how to relieve gas fast easy tips no.1

Gas or acidity ke gharelu upay

how to relieve gas fast

First Tips

Stomach constipation, lack of proper cleanse and stomach is heavy Just take once hello viewer If your stomach is not well clear in the morning and you have to use force then you may have constipation problem. We should never

ignore constipation Because constipation causes stomach pain, stomach irritation, and flatulence. But constipation has a direct effect on our liver Due to which the liver starts to weaken and does not digest food properly. And if the

liver does not work properly then it has serious effects on our weight, skin, and hair. And Ayurveda says that if our stomach is right that means the stomach is clean, then 46 kinds of diseases can never touch us. So if you have a constipation problem, never ignore it And this Remedy today will cure your constipation, stomach irritation, heavy

stomach, and bad stomach very easily. So let’s see here we have 2 Remedies. One of which you can make and Use it for a long time. And 2nd will give you instant relief in 10 Hours Take care of one thing, use

1 Remedy at a time For this you have to take Fennel and this Carom seed and a little Black Salt along with Dried Cumin How much you have to take from it and how to make this powder Let’s see First take 2 teaspoons of Carom put in bowl Carrom is very beneficial in clearing the stomach and stomach ache caused by Acidity Now take dried

cumin If there is moisture in cumin, fry it a little bit Take 2 teaspoon of Cumin Now you heat both of these on low Flame do it for 2 Minutes It turns light brown now use fennel seed use 1 teaspoon Fennel is very important for fast digestion of food and for clearing the dirt in the intestines. use some black salt Take half a teaspoon of black salt here mix it very well & grind it perfectly after this, you will have your constipation powder… This powder is very

beneficial to cure frozen stool in the stomach and constipation. Let’s see how to use it For this, take a glass of lukewarm water And pour half a teaspoon of the powder in water mix it well for 2 minutes Drink it after 1 hour of your meal You can take it whenever you want Or drink a glass of it before bed at night And by the next morning, the stool in your intestines will come out of the bag and your stomach will be clean. Or you can use 1 teaspoon of castor oil

with milk at night. And put 1 teaspoon of castor oil in milk and mix it well and drink This Remedy is very beneficial for immediate work on cleaning the stomach and cleaning the intestines. You can take anyone remedy before sleeping at night. And by morning your stomach constipation and stomach will clear up You can make this powder once and

use it for a long time. But use only one remedy at a time Hope You Like This Remedy Give it a thumbs up & share to your friends who are suffering from Constipation.

Second Tips

Today, we will discuss Acidity. Its reasons & solutions. So, if we have started discussing acidity then, firstly, I wanted to tell you that acidity is different from gastric problems. When I ask a few people, “Do you have any acidity

problem?”, they say, “Yes, we feel that our stomach is always full of gas.” And if I ask them, “Do you have any gastric problem?”, then they say, “Yes, I have burning sensations in my chest.” These 2 are different problems & their treatments are also different. At times, people start treatments for gas if they have acidity, and sometimes when

people have gas they start to take medicines like gelucil/Digene. Don’t do this. Gastric problems and acidity problems have different treatments. Acidity means a burning sensation in the chest. This means excess gastric juices are forming in your stomach, which is not required. If sometimes after having a meal you have acidity then it

means that whatever you ate, didn’t get digested, because of which digestive fire formed too much but even then couldn’t digest it. It started burning in the chest and caused acid reflux. So, acidity means secretions happening in the stomach starts to reflux upwards. So, this is termed as acidity. Now, gastric trouble means gas in the intestines

and it gives rise to flatulence or burps. Acidity in the chest & gas in the stomach are 2 different things. So, we are talking about acidity. A temporary solution for acidity is to drink raw milk. You can take it chilled & either cow’s or

buffalo’s, whichever is available. So, taking chilled raw milk you will feel relieved. But some people start taking it as a medicine. They start to drink it every morning. This will ruin your joints. Let me tell you that it should be taken infrequently. If you want permanent relief from acidity then you should practice Kunjal (Induced Vomiting). This

practice includes the following steps: 1) Drink 4-5 glasses of water while sitting. 2) Get up in the curled forward position. 3) Insert 2 fingers(Middle & Ring) deep into your mouth. 4) Vomit out the entire water. This is referred to as Kunjal Kriya (Induced Vomiting). Initially do it for 2-3 days continuously. Then repeat it 2 twice in a week & after that

once in a week. Only this practice can treat acidity. Medicines never helped anyone ever. Many people are taking gas & acidity medicines first thing in the morning from the last 20 years. This is wrong. You are harming yourself. Many people have developed a habit of eating it in the morning even if they don’t have acidity. The harm that it will

do to you is, the pH level of the body, which was otherwise normal, after taking medicine pH level will be dropped further. So, due to imbalance of pH level in your body, your digestion, your nutrition level etc. will be disturbed. Don’t do this. Let me also tell you what to eat and what not to eat in acidity. Don’t eat spicy foods, heavy foods like Naan

(Indian Flat Bread made with Refined Flour), deep-fried foods, stale food i.e. eating leftover food by reheating it, cold food like cold coffee, Many people say that I feel relieved after drinking cold coffee. But cold coffee is not good for acidity. In acidity, no stimulants should be taken like a tea, coffee. In fact, these are the cause of acidity, and after

drinking them we say that we are temporarily relieved. I’m feeling so good. This is wrong. In acidity, as a treatment, it is best to eat papaya first thing in the morning. Take lite food in the morning like aloe vera juice. Mix a half cup of aloe vera with a half cup of water & drink it sip by sip. Drink water as well in a sip-sip manner so that your saliva is

mixed in it. Then you won’t have acidity. There are 100 such things. Eat Banana empty stomach in the morning by chewing it properly. Converting it into a paste in the mouth and then eating it, will work as a medicine for acidity. Why eat medicines? Do you feel you can’t get rid of it? Then let me tell you a medicine. You can choose from any Ayurvedic

company and can get it very easily from any ayurvedic store. ‘Avipattikar churna’ – Take 100 gms of it. Take one spoon empty stomach in the morning, half an hour before breakfast, when you are feeling acidity. Take it with water or mix in buttermilk or curd. If you have chronic acidity then, in 100gm of ‘Aviipattikar Churn’ add 10-20 gms of

‘Kamdudha ras’ and store it. Take 1 spoon of this mixture in the morning after waking up. This way it will become stronger and will affect more & faster. So, take this either with curd, buttermilk, or water as per the need of your body. Taking it with curd will ease the chest burn faster. So, do it. Why do you run after the medicines? The solution of

acidity doesn’t lie in medicines. One precaution I’ll suggest that do not use red chilly. and don’t eat late at night. Take a walk after dinner. People who don’t take a walk after dinner will definitely have acidity. Also, people who sleep on their stomachs after taking dinner will most likely have acidity. People, who always sleep with their left body up,

though in summers we should sleep with a left body up when you just lied down & not even half an hour has passed then, lie with your right side up. So, in summers sleep with the left side up, and in winters sleep with the right side up. But whether its summer or winters, every day, in the first half an hour, your right side must be up so that the food can digest easily.

Third Tips

we’ll discuss stomach gastric problem How to cure this. For this, you’ll have to understand what is this, and what is the reason for its occurrence? If you understood the reason, half of your problem will get cured itself.

Secondly, if you understand that what is this i.e. when you get the information about it, then you can automatically understand how to treat it. That’s why I’m going to discuss in detail the gas problem. However, we’ll make several episodes for it. In today’s episode, I’ll discuss only the gastric problem & its causes. Normally if you ask anyone that

what is gas, he would say it means having gas in the stomach or intestines? But if you understand it deeply The gas is of 2 types. One resides in your intestines, which is called intestinal gas. This is passed through the anus. It has its relation to our lower pelvic region. Our body has five types of ‘Prana’ (life forces). I’ll discuss this some time

else. This is the gas that resides below our navel area in the intestines. The remedy for this is different. Sometimes just after having meals, we have gas formation, which rises upward. That gas resides in your epigastrium part i.e. the upper part of the body and the stomach. It is formed in the area where your food gets digested firstly after you

eat. This starts forming just after eating food. This gas then moves in the head or heart. That’s why it’s important to understand gas. When you have air imbalance in your body i.e. air content increases, The place of your life forces is in the lungs. Though life force is in our whole body it regulates our body in different ways. You should not have

gas in the stomach. Though we have someplace for air in the stomach the gas shouldn’t form this way. This is wrong. So, many times air imbalance accompanies heat imbalance That means if you have gas and simultaneously your body also has excess heat, Such as in the liver, or in the body or if you get dark-colored stools

when you excrete, then it means your heat element is in excess. So when you’ll have heat imbalance along with air imbalance then the remedy for this is different. Similarly, if your air imbalance accompanied by water imbalance then it will disturb digestion. besides this, your body will get stiffed. you will have pain at various places in the body, Having an air imbalance along with the water imbalance means your body will feel very heaviness & stiffness So,

these are some minute points. If water imbalance is accompanying air balance then your stools will become greasy. You’ll have to understand its symptoms to identify it. For this, let me tell you that if your stools are porous or if it is scattered, then you should understand that you have gas. Some people are not able to understand that they

have gas in their intestines or stomach, because initially, it forms very little. But looking at your stools, you can predict whether you have gas or not. Your stomach will not get clean in one time and you’ll have to go to freshen up

4-5 times. These are the symptoms of gas. Your joints will feel unstable i.e. you feel uneasy while jumping, You’ll feel as if your knees are unstable. You will feel that your joints are weak. and you’ll feel mild pain in the joints.

Although it doesn’t happen with everyone, only old patients of the gas face this issue. However, seeing the stools, it can be clearly identified whether the person has gas or not. Besides this, the person will have hair fall. If your hairs fall a lot then it is definite that you have gas in the stomach & in the intestines. In the case of gas in the upper part of

the body, you’ll have severe headaches often after having meals. or you may have pain in the chest sometimes in the right side, sometimes in the left, or in the lower/ upper arms, Sometimes your lower leg can pain or any other body part can pain. When you have pains in your body especially those which travel from one place to another, sometimes

it pains sometimes it doesn’t or if your joints get swelled, these all are the symptoms of having gas. There are many other symptoms of gas and air imbalance. that I’ll mention in some time. Even if you can notice even 4-5 symptoms

out of these then you’ll understand that you have gas or not. In the next video, I’ll tell you how to treat it. Just stay with us.

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