what to eat to reduce pores on face Best Treatment 2021

what to eat to reduce pores on face

what to eat to reduce pores on face

First Tips

Let’s get straight into the eight ways to shrink those pores. Number one. No bar soaps. So bar soaps often contain ingredients in them that clog pores up. So please don’t use them on your face. Number two. Use water soluble

cleansers. I’m a big fan of Cetaphil skin cleansers because they don’t strip your skin of natural oils. If you’re tempted to use an alcohol-based astringent, because it promises to shrink your pores – run for the hills! These have a

paradoxical effect on oily skin and make your skin more oily, clog your pores and result in breakouts. Also please remember that astringents are different to toners. So toners are okay to use. Number three. No oil-based cosmetics.

Okay, so when I say this – specifically I want you to read the back of all your cosmetics and look for the term non-comedogenic. This means a product that won’t clog your pores. If you want to learn more about this check out my

video on natural non-comedogenic ingredients, that I’ll link here. Number four. Clean your face before bed. This one was my kryptonite! I used to go to bed all the time without taking my makeup off, because I was too exhausted.

Changing this one habit massively improved my pores and it is absolutely crucial for your skin. If you can, you should double cleanse your skin at night. So take off your makeup with a cleanser first, then cleanse one more time

and then apply my absolute favorite number five tip. Number five. Use a retinoid cream. Now retinoids are medications that you apply to your skin that unclog the pores and can rejuvenate wrinkles and improve sun-

damaged skin. Honestly, if you haven’t heard of these before or you want to learn the best ways to apply them, please watch my other videos on Retin-A and Differin. Retinoids are just magic. Number six. No scrubs. I used to

really love the feeling of my skin after it had been really scrubbed with an exfoliator, but what could go wrong? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, put that loofah down! All you will do is increase the flakiness of your skin, which just clogs up

your pores. If you really want to use exfoliators, my number seven tip holds the answer. Number seven. Use salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is another showstopper skincare ingredient, that is somewhat of a trade secret. Salicylic acid

penetrates deeply into the skin pores, unclogs them and exfoliates at the same time. It literally dissolves blackheads and will help shrink skin pores. You can either use a salicylic acid gel overnight, or use a wash in the morning. And I

quite like the Neutrogena oil-free acne wash and as you can see I’ve been using it quite a bit, but I like to use it in the morning. Number eight. Chemical peels. Now I know this can sound a little drastic, but it is a good option for

treating large skin pores. Studies have shown that glycolic acid based chemical peels can improve the appearance of enlarged pores and also reduce pore size. what to eat to reduce pores on face


what to eat to reduce pores on face

Second Tips :what to eat to reduce pores on face

our skin has tiny pores and when these pores get clogged due to excessive oil secretion as a result of which walls of the pores get stretched causing the problem of open pores lets understand this way when we inflate a balloon and

releases its air continuously 3 or 4 times its slightly get stretched or deformed from its original shape and thats same with our skin when excess oil accumulates in our skin pores and due which our skin pores get stretched causing

open pores as this is an ongoing process so we cant control oil production in our skin so what we need to do is follow such a skincare routine that not only shrink our skin pores but also balances oil production so today I bring for

you friends a four step skincare routine so lets start with today’s video this DIY consist of four steps and that are for cleansing we need mix 1tsp of fuller’s earth with water and your pack is ready we use this face pack as a face wash

\now apply this face pack properly all over your face fuller’s earth is a natural cleanser that removes excess oil, dirt and impurities from our skin and makes our skin soft and smooth wait until it gets dry after drying wash your face

with normal water use such a face wash that only removes excess oil if it remove all natural oil from your skin this reduces glow of your skin making its dry for toner we need dip green tea bags in hot water and leave it for five to ten

minutes after that remove tea bags from it now dip cotton balls in this green tea cotton balls absorb the solution take out the balls in a plate now refrigerate these cotton balls you can store them for one month now take a cotton ball

and wipe your face with that green tea as an anti-oxidant removes excess oil, dirt and impurities from skin pores friends if you have oily or combination skin you have to use toner toner cleanses skin pores removing all the dirt

from it for moisturising we need apply aloe vera gel on your face as a moisturiser aloe vera increases water content of our skin which makes skin hydrated and along with it makes our skin soft and supple most of you think that if you

are having oily skin then theres no need to apply a moisturiser which is totally wrong moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated but you need to use oil free moisturiser as I shown in this video last step is sun protection you need to use

a sunscreen 20 minutes before whenever you go outside when we go in sunlight oil gets warm which damages our skin persons with oily skin are more vulnerable to this so we need to apply sunscreen and use scarf, hat or umbrella to cover yourself for best results follow this DIY skincare routine regularly.

Third Tips : what to eat to reduce pores on face

let’s begin ok so why do we get enlarged pores well we all have pores but enlarged pores are depressions in the facial skin that carry things like oil that carry sweat from their respective glands so it’s completely normal and

enlarged pores can be seen in all ages and all ethnicities however certain ethnicities do tend to have larger pores for instance those of African and those of Indian ancestry background done now let’s see how we can shrink these

pores so tip number one as we age our skin becomes less elastic and that’s a normal process of ageing and there’s not actually much we can do about that but sun damage can also cause ageing of the skin and it can lead to

enlarged pores now if you live in the UK or you live in a country with a similar climate you probably only see the sun once or twice a year the rest of the year is always cloudy and I said that with such a serious face but in reality we do

see the sun but it is cloudy a lot at a time and you might think to yourself well it’s always cloudy I don’t even see the Sun I’m not gonna get some damage but that’s where you’re wrong because these UV rays can still penetrate and it

can still damage the skin so if you haven’t figured it out yet tip one is all about using a good sunscreen every single day that protects you against both UVA and UVB radiation now if you’re thinking to yourself but Abraham which

sunscreen do I buy just tell me well the good news is I made a video on this not long ago I’ll leave a link up here and in the description below on how to buy the best sunscreen from any pharmacy what ingredients to look out for and

everything you need to know so if you feel like you need more information on this topic feel free to watch it at the end of this video which leads me on to tip number two have you ever heard of sebum well if you haven’t you’re not

missing out on much so don’t worry but it’s basically the oil that we secrete from our face and scalp from our sebaceous glands now here’s the thing increased sebum can lead to enlarged pores now sebum production

depends on many things like age it depends on gender and even weight now a lot of these you can’t really do anything about but there have been reports that if you are overweight and if you lose weight it can help reduce

sebum production and help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores tip number three non comedogenic skincare products which is basically a fancy word for products that aren’t going to clog your pores because when you pores

clog they expand and it can make them appear much larger so to avoid clogged pores look for any of the following terms on skincare products that you use on your face and if you don’t see them then avoid using which moves me

on to tip number four acne I’m afraid it is associated with enlarged pore so what we need to do is keep it under control with the correct care and treatment to avoid it from becoming inflammatory and enlarging those pores now if

you haven’t seen my how to treat acne video I will leave a link up here and in the description below for you so feel free to watch it but please remember that if the tips aren’t helping your acne is getting worse and you are in distress

then please always speak to your doctor tip number five don’t leave it remember as we age generally speaking pores are going to get bigger so if you see no improvements and it’s not getting any better then always beat you

doctor first make them aware of this they may prescribe you some treatments because there are treatments available that can help some of them can even reduce sebum production that we spoke about earlier I really hope

my tips help you in this week’s video and if you have any of your own tips then please share it with us leave a comment below I’d love to read it and I’m sure everyone watching this video would love to read it as well always

remember you’re awesome and I’ll see you next week products that won’t clog your pores because when your clogs, when your clogs pore? so tip number one and it can make your pores experiment. what to eat to reduce pores on face

15 Foods You Must Eat to Avoid Oily Skin : what to eat to reduce pores on face

Knowing what to and what not to eat in order to avoid oily skin can really help in the long run. Here is a list of foods that you must eat for healthy looking skin.

For flawless skin, you need to take care and give it a lot of attention. Maintaining clear and acne-free skin can be a challenging task. Along with having acne-prone skin, another nightmare that people often face is having oily skin. It is often considered to be as problematic as acne. In fact, it also aids the eruption of pimples. The genuine cause

of oily skin depends on one’s genetic make up, however, there are several ways to tackle this problem. Eating right is one of them. Our diet plays a significant role in taking care of our skin. Knowing what to and what not to eat in order to avoid oily skin can really help in the long run. Here is a list of foods that you must eat for healthy looking skin.

what to eat to reduce pores on face

1. Cucumber – This fruit contains the maximum amount of water in it. It has the power to hydrate your skin with its cooling effect along with the antioxidants.

2. Nuts – Nuts contain omega 3 fatty acids that are meant to cure the problem of oily skin instantly.

3. Oranges – Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons contain vitamin C as well as detoxifying components that can flush out the extra oil from your skin.

4. Green Vegetables – Green vegetables do not have any oil or fat content. They are rich in fiber that can clear the oil and your skin altogether.

5. Avocados – The great thing about avocados is that it is not only eaten, but can also be applied directly to your skin for preventing oil secretions. It acts as an effective moisturizer for your skin.

6. Lentils and Pulses – Lentils are known have to a lot of nutrition in them.  They help in controlling the production of oil keeps our skin clear. Pulses do a great job in maintaining the balance of oil. They are known to provide nutrients and proteins and also consist amino acids that don’t break into sugar which can aggravate oil secretions.

7. Grapefruit – Grapefruit is extremely effective for oily skin. It consists of vitamin C which helps in removing the toxins from your body. It also has a very high water content.

8Whole Grains – They are high in fiber which helps the digestion process and keeps our skin free from oil and acne.

9Fish – Fish, like nuts, contain omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, it helps to tame inflammation and improves oily skin thereby preventing acne.

what to eat to reduce pores on facewhat to eat to reduce pores on face

10Broccoli – Broccoli is known to have lots of vitamin C, which is easily absorbed by the human body. It helps in controlling the oil, which reduces the risk of acne.

11. Raw Fruits and Vegetables – It is no surprise that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for your health. They also prevent digestion problems, which could be a cause of oily skin as well as acne.

12. Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate not only tastes delicious, but also does a great job in preventing acne inflammation by controlling the oil production of the skin with the help of antioxidants.

13. Coconut Water – Coconut water does a remarkable job of re-hydrating your skin. It helps in keeping the skin clean and supple and prevents oily outbursts.

(Also read: All About The Acne Diet)

what to eat to reduce pores on faceCoconut water can prevent oily outbursts. Photo Credit: Istock

14Lemon – Lemon can do wonders to your skin without you even realizing it. It not only keeps the skin clear, it instantly sucks in the oil from your skin making your skin look smooth and bright. Lime juice can also be applied to your face directly.

15. Banana – If you have oily skin, then eating a banana daily can be extremely beneficial. They contain phosphates, potassium and Vitamin E, which helps the skin to glow. Banana is another strong detoxifying agent. It can help in regulating the pores and thus prevent the dirt from entering into your skin and causing oily build-up.

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